Sincerely, Kimberly started as a little place to share my fashion ramblings; I then introduced other topics such as travel, life and a section about living with Epilepsy.

I introduced the Epileptic section when I was re-diagnosed in March last year after 6 years being seizure free. This definitely altered a few things in my life and I felt like my medical condition took over once again. Not a lot of people understand the condition and I’m always asked the stereotypical question “so can’t you look at flashing lights?”. With this in mind, I decided to start writing about my Epileptic journey and how it affects my life.

I’ve always loved travelling, exploring beautiful destinations and meeting interesting people. After returning home from a year travelling Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines in 2015, I’ve had the urge to jump on a plane and explore somewhere new.

Well, in July last year I did just that! I’m now living in Whistler, Canada on a 2-year working holiday visa. I’m learning how to snowboard in one of the most desired places in the world while taking in the scenery. After I leave Whistler later this year, I’m planning on relocating to Vancouver to experience more of the city lifestyle but for now, I’m enjoying where I am.

I’m expecting nothing but great things from 2019, I’ve got a travel bucket list as long as my arm and lots of new ideas for my blog. One of my main goals is to start collaborating with brands. I want to inspire my readers to travel to that destination they’ve always dreamed of, to explore something new and to love life in general.  Here’s to an amazing year!

If you want to get in touch you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin or you can drop me an Email 🙂


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