Sincerely, Kimberly is a little place to share my adventures, experiences and epileptic journey.

In July 2018 I moved to Canada on the 2 year WHV, travelling through Alberta and BC before reaching Whistler where I’ve lived now for over a year. Having the mountains on your doorstep is truly an incredible thing, snowboarding during the winter and hiking in the summer. There is a quirk to living in a small town and I’ve loved it, but I’m excited to have a change of scenery when I move to Vancouver later this year.

Documenting my adventures is something I’ve done for years, I used to keep a journal, but decided to start a blog to share my experiences and inspire others to jump on a plane and explore.

I’m excited to develop my blog in 2020 by trying new photography styles and beginning to collaborate with brands and businesses.

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Bloglovin, or you can drop me an email on kimberlymarie@hotmail.co.uk

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