I love sitting on the beach working on my tan but I can’t do it 24/7. I need to explore, this is why I organise trips or do activities to break up my day. So many things caught my eye and I wanted to do everything left right and centre but I don’t think my bank account felt this was a mutual agreement. If you want to save some pennies, don’t forget that you can haggle to get the price reduced, we did this a few times especially when purchasing a few trips at once.

When you go to the Maldives you’ve got to understand that there isn’t a great deal to do other than watersports, day trips and tanning. For people who need to be busy, looking into what is available on your island is strongly recommended. I had such high expectations for this trip, I wanted to explore, try new things and enjoy every moment which I did!


Thulusdhoo is known as the best place to surf in the Maldives, the surf shop is run by Australian’s, yano the typical long hair, board shorts, really chilled out kind of guys. I had faith they would give me an amazing surf lesson, before I had the chance to try my clumsiness got in the way. On the morning of my lesson I decided to trip and fall, twisting my ankle. I was laying on the floor in pain and my mum was laughing on the side lines, this was until she realised I was actually hurt, then she came to my rescue. Gotta love family right?

After I sprained my ankle I said to myself that I would plan another trip to experience surfing and paddle boarding. I found yoga and surf retreats that are just up my street, not too pricey either which is a huge benefit.


When most people think of the Maldives, they imagine the beautiful huts on the water. I was curious so looked into the cost, for 2 short weeks it would be between £8,000 – £16,000. The thought crossed my mind that perhaps I should “live in the moment” and just go for it, I weighted up the pro’s and con’s and decided that it was more important to eat for the year instead. Although it may seem impossible to afford an entire trip at one of these luxury places, you can experience it on a day resort trip. We didn’t end up doing this because our hotel had an amazing infinity pool with an incredible view and a spa. The only difference would be that we could drink alcohol and take photos with those amazing huts on the sea. Thinking back, I would have loved those photos with the hunt haha.


I told my mum that she had to do a few activities and daytrips on this holiday, she’s not normally one for being in the water but she gave it a go. We went kayaking and it was an interesting experience, we didn’t fall out but it must have been very entertaining to watch. The odds weren’t in our favour, there were two currents in the water which caused the kayke to turn unexpectedly as the wind was also very strong that day. Despite this, we gave it a go and had fun doing it!


Our hotel Season Paradise did a sunset tour for $5 per room. You’re taken to the opposite side of the island where the sunsets, after we knew it wasn’t far we went back on a few occasions. There were beautiful, shades of purple, pink, blue and orange painted across the sky. Naturally, I took this opportunity to take an enormous amount of photos with my mum and a few doing yoga. I have to say that yoga is much harder on sand than solid ground!


On one of our last days in the Maldives we booked a trip to do some island hopping and snorkelling, in the end we didn’t book through our hotel as they had been a little unreliable on other excursions. They needed at least 6 people per activity, however other places on the island didn’t require this which is perfect for people travelling in smaller groups or flying solo.

I would have loved to go scuba diving on this trip, due to my epilepsy it isn’t possible anymore. I still wanted to explore the underwater world so we headed out on a speed boat from Thulusdhoo to our first snorkelling spot. We were very fortunate to see not one but two turtles, along with plenty of tropical fish. Next, we headed to a sandbank which was also our second snorkelling destination. Our guide had bread to feed the fish, they were circling around us like they have never seen food before. While exploring I noticed the coral isn’t very colourful, it appears to be white or grey which is disappointing as other won’t be able to enjoy it in the future.

Finally, we settled down on the sandbank (after taking loads of photos of course) to relax and work on our tan. It gets super hot on those sandbanks but luckily the guides bring along a sun umbrella to get some shade if need be. It was such a nice day, the perfect way to end an awesome holiday in the Maldives.



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