After about 23 hours of travelling door to door we arrived at our hotel Season Paradise on the island of Thulusdhoo. It’s exactly what I expected from the photos which can sometimes be descieving. You’re greeted at the door with a glass of juice before checking in, the staff are super friendly and make you feel so welcomed. I knew then we made a good choice in hotel.

The rooms are cleaned daily, fresh sheets and towels arranged in the shape of shells or hearts on the bed, I thought this was a nice touch. I stole all the travel size toiletries from my hotel room as they’re perfect for trips. Oh, and let’s not forget the awesome walk-in shower!

The one thing that encourages me to return to a hotel is the hospitality, and if I decided to return to Thulusdhoo I would stay at Season Paradise due to the amazing people. No question is too big or complex; they make the effort to find answers for your queries. For example, I lost my nose ring while snorkelling and they found a shop on the main island where I could purchase a new one. My weirdest request was for someone to go on the roof and get a shot of me swimming/floating in the pool with the incredible view. They actually agreed to it, which I couldn’t believe. Although, the guy who took the photos didn’t have a clue and I ended up with random shots but I really appreciate them doing it.

Speaking of photos, while trying to get the perfect shot on the beach I sprained my ankle which wasn’t ideal. The staff were incredibly helpful, someone went with me to the doctors and afterwards made sure I had what I needed around the hotel. The doctor suggested I get an x-ray at the hospital, which meant travelling to Male the capital. The staff got us on the next speedboat in the morning. It was the fasted and cheapest A&E trip I had ever experienced, only $26 for a consultation and x-ray! Sure beats expensive private costs. Thankfully, it was only a bad sprain and no major damage so I was able to still enjoy my holiday despite being limited on the activities I could do.

At breakfast there are plenty of choices, from pancakes, fruit, full English, omelette station and cereals. I prefer to include breakfast whenever I go away because I hate having to search for somewhere to eat first thing in the morning. My go to breakfast during my stay was pancakes and fruit, which is an awesome choice in my opinion!

A few days before leaving for the Maldives my mum amended our booking to include dinner. After day one I realised this was a mistake due to the lack of options available. Like many Asian countries the main dish is fish, this was an issue for me as it’s not something I would normally eat. After a few days we spoke to the staff and organised to have something prepared if there wasn’t anything on the buffet, this was the case most evenings. If you eat a lot and aren’t that fussy then the buffet is worth the $20, although I personally wouldn’t suggest it as there are other places to eat on the island. My favourite was a place call Contagious Pizza, it was run by two Americans with the best personalities. They give you games like connect 4 to play or even show you a card trick while you’re waiting for your food. What more could you ask for?

Now, on to one of the most important things … let’s talk about the beaches! I’m sure most of you are aware that the Maldives is a Muslim country and you need to show respect. Before booking your holiday make sure you research which island and type of accommodation you want. Resort islands are targeted at tourist where you can wear a bikini on most beaches and alcohol is available all day. Local islands like Thulusdhoo have Maldivens living right next to the hotels, there are allocated “bikini beaches” where as you’ve guessed you’re able to wear a bikini. Most public beaches don’t allow this and you have to cover up.

The beaches are beautiful in Thulusdhoo, to see the white sand against the turquoise water is magical. With only a few steps away from the perfect tanning spot with the best view, how can anyone complain? If you love the beach but don’t love sand everywhere all the time you’ll be happy to hear that most hotels offer free sunbeds for their guests and it’s great, easier to have an afternoon snooze on. One thing I will mention about the beach is to be cautious when walking along the sand as there is a lot of coral that washes up.

If you want a change of scenery there are plenty other beach spots on the island. I loved a little sandbank on the opposite side of the island where you can watch the sunset and enjoy the clean white sand. There is also a nearby island called “Chicken Island” just a 5 minute boat ride away, it was definitely worth the $15 trip. There are no residents living on the island, only 3 people who maintain it so it’s perfect place to relax. Too bad wealthy people have purchased the island to build a 7 star resort, it’s going to be very luxurious but you won’t have the island to escape too!

The hotel offers lots of trips and excursions. A day visit to a resort, sandbank tours, snorkelling trips, paddle boarding and more. The only downside to some of these trips is there needs to be a certain amount of people before they can go forward with the excursions. This isn’t ideal if you’re travelling solo or in small groups, as there is more of a chance that the trips will be delayed or cancelled. I had my name down for sharks and stingray snorkelling since I arrived and never got to go which was unfortunate. In the end, we went on a sandbank and snorkelling trip with another place on the island because we couldn’t get on the tour at Season Paradise. It was amazing, we swam with turtles and sunbathed on a sandbank. What a fantastic day!


One of the reasons we stayed at Season Paradise is to take advantage of the spa and treat ourselves. To begin with I had a sports massage, the masseuse said I had loads of knots and she had to apply a lot of pressure. I had major muscle aches straight after but felt the benefits the next day. I decided to have a Swedish massage a few days later to unwind and help me relax more. Everyone deserves a little pampering right!


The highlight of the hotel for me was the infinity pool; I was extremely excited as I’ve never been in one! The pool overlooked the ocean, it’s the best view. Naturally, I couldn’t resist getting some photos! Theres me laying on the side of the pool thinking I’m going to be Britain’s next top model. As always, my mum did an amazing job as my photographer and got so many shots.


For those of you who want to maintain your healthy gym routine, there is a small gym available next to the pool. It has a reasonable amount of equipment to keep you going during your stay, including free weights and a few machines. I personally had the best intentions to work out at least 3 times per week, although this didn’t happen but I did go for swim, that counts right?

That’s it, my expereince in a nutshell of this beautiful hotel. Would I go back? For sure, I would also recommend it to anyone else looking for a great place to stay with one hell of a view! It’s the perfect place for couples, families or solo travellers and has something for everyone. So …. What are you waiting for? Get a flight booked and head over to this amazing place!



  1. Charlene McElhinney
    February 24, 2018 / 9:08 am

    Oh my goodness this is so dreamy. It’s on my bucket list to visit the Maldives, it looks absolutely otherworldly, this post has made me want to go and book a trip now! You look absolutely stunning in your swimsuit <3

    Charlene McElhinney (@blogabtnothing1)

    • kimberlymarie
      February 24, 2018 / 1:35 pm

      It should be on everyones bucket list, it’s truly a magical place and not as expensive as people may think. You just need to do your research. I’m so happy I’ve inspired you to go!
      Thanks girl for your compliment, that swimsuit is super chic but you do get some unusual tan lines haha.

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