I’m sure we’ve all experienced single life around the holidays at least once. I’ve been single for a number of years (by choice I might add), the festive season can sometimes be difficult but can also be amazing. You can do almost anything solo, although I’ll be honest, on the odd occasion I feel like it would be great to share it with someone. Over the years we’ve been commercially brainwashed to believe that a twosie is better than a onesie. All the Christmas adverts are focused on what you can buy for your significant other, how desserts fit perfectly in a box for two or showing a couple enjoying a romantic sleigh ride through the snow. Even New Year’s Eve is perfect for two people, sealing it with a classic kiss when the clock strikes 12, making people who don’t have someone to welcome the New Year in with feel a little rubbish. Let’s not forget all those charming Christmas/New Year films with the exact same plot, boy mets girl and the rest is history. As if it’s designed this way to make us singletons feel insignificant without someone on our arm during this joyest time of year. Perhaps I’m sounding a little bitter about the subject, I’m only being honest! Besides it’s one of the best times of year to be single in my opinion.


December is a hard, expensive month. Christmas is stressful enough without the added pressure of having to please someone else. Flying solo around the holidays means no longer having to fake a smile when receiving a gift you didn’t want from your partner. The amount of time I spend worrying about whether my boyfriend would use the presents I brought him, if all the effort and stress I went through was worth it. If you’re single, don’t worry about it! The best part is, the money you would have spent on your partner can be extra cash to treat yourself. Put it towards a girls holiday in the New Year, a beautiful new Pandora ring or anything you’ve been dreaming about.


What I love is having the freedom to do whatever I want, the possibilities are endless. If friends ask if you’d like to go on a last minute trip for New Year’s then you don’t need to consider your partner when making plans, you can pack a bag and go. You have ultimate freedom to do anything you want, within reason of course! Being single also gives you the chance to learn to love your own company, to be alone and not feel as if you’re missing a piece of the puzzle. Watch the films you like without someone talking the entire way through because they aren’t interested. Be independent and take that solo trip you’ve been planning, wouldn’t it be great to spend a few days in Europe experiencing their traditions over the holidays? Enjoy your alone time!



When you’re at the beginning of a relationship you feel the need to dress up and make an effort, you spend your time binge watching Netflix wearing a full face of makeup. The thought of your boyfriend seeing your tracksuit bottoms can pretty nerve-racking when you’re trying to impress them. Although when you’re in singlesville, you can choose comfort over glamour without the fear of being judged.

Around the holidays there are tones of parties, events and family get togethers you’ll attend as a couple where you could feel obligated to “behave”. Some people feel the need to change their personality in these situations to make their partner happy, this isn’t something you should be doing to begin with. Although being single, you don’t have the added pressure to be someone else’s idea of perfect. You can be your own beautiful self!


Dealing with your own family is challenging enough, let alone having to put a smile on your face and pretend you like someone else’s. All of the awkward questions and jokes about when he’s going to pop the question, when you’re thinking about getting a mortgage or even children, a question I will not entertain in the slightest… Yes being single you do get asked “have you met any nice boys?” but it’s easier to end that conversation than it is to give answers to the couples questions. Luckily, my family and friends know where I stand and don’t feel the need to pester me. I am fortunate in that respect!


There are so many reasons why I love being single around the holidays, although I still miss the odd thing about being in a relationship. You get the opportunity to do things together, go for a romantic walk, curl up on the sofa and watch Elf while snacking on a Terrys Chocolate Orange. Let’s not forget how awesome the extra presents are on Christmas morning. These things are amazing when you’re in a relationship but I wouldn’t take my single life for granted. Looking at it, all of those things can be done solo. I’m sure my sisters dog George would love a stroll around Wollaton park and I’m no strange to demolishing an entire chocolate bar while chain watching a series.

The most important thing I’ve learnt about being single during the holidays is to remember all the good things you have in your life instead of focusing on what you don’t have. I am very lucky after all, I’m in good health keeping my epilepsy in mind, I have family and friends that are amazing who make me laugh and support me. I’m grateful for all the things that make me smile in my life and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Do you have anything you enjoy about being single over the holidays?


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