I was given the most amazing opportunity to jet off to Chicago with work and help our office over there. Naturally, I took my company up on this offer and boarded my flight to this incredible city. I was advised I would be staying at the Virgin Hotel and couldn’t resist having a cheeky look on the website beforehand and wasn’t disappointed on arrival. Wow! The hotel is unbelievable. The reception area was shades of red and gold, it was a great first impression of the hotel.

The staff were so welcoming and checked us in without any issues. I must warn you if you stay at the Virgin and use a debit card to secure your room (incase you have any room service etc) they will ask for $100 a night reserve. This means you cannot spend the money from your account as it suspends it. Fortunately, I explained that I hadn’t got that kind of money in my account, they were very understanding and only reserved $300 for my entire stay instead of $1300 (for 2 weeks, although I was only required for 1 week in the end). Since I was only in Chicago for a week I knew I wouldn’t be using room service a lot and rarely have snacks from hotel rooms as its normally expensive. When you’ve got a 7 Eleven on each corner of the street who needs a $5 packet of M&Ms right? Later, I discovered that the prices in the room actually weren’t that bad only $1.75 for M&Ms just FYI!

When walking into the room I was amazed, my company booked a suite for me! The room had a living room, bathroom, powder room, a little table and chair and bedroom. I had so much room to myself and I loved it! I can honestly say that I’ve never stayed in a nicer hotel. The room was very open and had loads of natural light which is always a plus for me. There was a mixture of modern and retro trends, the Smeg fridge and car seat chair added something quirky to the room. There were a lot of controllers and things on the walls which took me a few moments to understand what they were for. One of the highlights of my room is that I had automatic blinds, its such a luxury and I wish I had them at home.

I was on the 15th floor, the view was great from one window in my bedroom although the other was blocked by a huge building, in a city of skyscrapers what can you expect. My colleague who was 2 floors up had a better view but this sometimes comes at a cost as she had to wake up to see the Trump Tower each morning. If you’re on a lower floor and are interested in seeing the city from above, head upto the rooftop terrace. This hotel has an amazing one, unfortunately it was very cloudy and foggy while I was there so I didn’t get the full impact but I’ve heard its a wonderful view. While on the rooftop in the evening we did manage to see the protestors after Donald Trumps Inauguration, people were outraged and marching through the streets. Police were blocking roads off and it caused delays throughout the city but was interesting to watch from a distance.

If you’re like me and enjoy a good gym session you won’t miss out staying here, there is access to a full gym upstairs. Normally, hotel gyms aren’t equip with everything you need but the Virgin hotel won’t let you down. There is an assortment of machines, free weights and an area to stretch or do yoga. I had such good intensions to get up and start my day with a workout… unfortunately I didn’t make it to the gym in the end as my trip was cut short so I spent the majority of my time sightseeing when I wasn’t working.

There are plenty of options to dine, during my stay I ordered room service and had breakfast in the restaurant. The food on both occasions came quickly and the staff were so polite and happy to help. Even though I was in Chicago for a week I didn’t quite get the hang of ordering correctly, American portion sizes are huge! I ordered eggs Benedict with turkey, this also came with a side of potatoes for breakfast! At least you’ll never go hungry while visiting the states.

My stay at the Virgin Hotel was exceptional, I couldn’t think of anything to complain about. The staff were so friendly and helpful, would offer advise of places to visit and eat. The hotel was clean and it was a home away from home for my weeks stay. I would definitely recommend it if you’re heading to Chicago.


Since I was so busy with working and sightseeing I didn’t leave much time to get photos of the room during the daytime. I would leave when its slightly dark and get back at nighttime. I only had a chance to snap a few quick shots before we headed out for a full day of activities. I think the photos still demonstrate how nice the Virgin Hotel is.

Sincerely, Kimberly.



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