Happy New Year everyone!

I said in my suggestions for 2017 New Years Resolutions post that I’m not really a huge believer in setting NYRs. This is because I put myself under a lot of pressure to achieve them within the first month, after only a few weeks I would give up. This year, I said to myself that I wasn’t going to set them, rather I would set monthly goals as I did in 2016. Normally, I would try and focus on 2 or 3 things each month, however I’ve got a lot I want to achieve so I’ve listed my goals for the next few months.

After I wrote this post, I realised that some of my goals are longterm so maybe, by mistake I have set some NYRs…

Pole Fitness

Pole dancing has been one of my biggest passions for years, it’s a great sport and I’ve learnt so much. My balance, strength and fitness levels have improved amazingly. Since I’m at an Intermediate/Advanced level I’ve decided now is the right time to take a step forward and become a pole instructor. I’m going to get certified in February or March time. This is very exciting for me to do and I can’t wait to get trained and start my new journey as an instructor.


Yoga has been a huge part of 2016, it’s increased my flexibility and strength levels. Over the last few months I haven’t been attending due to an injury but now I’m back up at running and want to keep developing my skills. My main aim for the next few months is to build enough core strength so I can control my headstand. I can do them at the moment but I have to bend my knees to get in and out of it and would love to do my headstand with straight legs.


2016 was spent exploring my options in the acting world. Understanding what type of actor I am was very important, discovering how I would be type casted and what kind of roles I would be able to grasp easily. When my experience develops I will be able to branch out and try something different, although acting is still very new for me so I’m happy being type casted for now.

Over the next few months I’ll be filming more comedy scenes for Wretch a Sketch and working with a few new directors. I’m also getting some experience on set behind the camera, learning about camera angles, lighting, editing and more. In addition to all of that I’ve also started a project that I have wrote the script for and will be acting, producing and directing in, with help of course! It’s very exciting to have my own project and make all the decisions. Looks like my acting calendar is going to be very busy over the next few months.


I’m going to be focusing heavily on fitness over the next few months, while pole fitness is amazing I want to learn something different. I’ve always found gymnastics to be a very beautiful and strength driven sport and I’m excited to give it a try. I’m applying to attend a beginners class for adult, I’m hoping that my pole fitness background will contribute to picking it up easily, after all a lot of the skills are very similar right?


My little blog has come a long way and evolved since I started it. I want to focus on developing it further, I’m going to work on my photography and photoshop skills to ensure I’m adding the best possible photo content. I also want to do more collaborations with brands or other bloggers.


So, I’ve decided to do something truly difficult. Something that will require all the willpower in the world… Give up sugar! Giving this up will be a difficult task but its perfectly doable, right? For me, this will be a huge challenge but I’m sure as long as I stay strong I can do this!

Sincerely, Kimberly.



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