It’s that time again … with the new year approaching fast we will be making resolutions to either improve ourselves or work towards an ambition. Resolutions I hear every year are “I’m going to work out more, eat healthier, get organised, sort my life out, blah blah blah …”, most of these fail within a few weeks because many people over think. I know starting your resolutions can be overwhelming but when you set your mind to something you can achieve anything. Make sure your resolutions are achievable so you’re not setting yourself up to fail.

Personally, I don’t set New Years Resolutions as I tend to put too much stress on myself to achieve them quickly, then often give up within a few weeks. That said, over the past year I’ve been setting myself goals on a monthly basis. For those of you who do set New Years Resolutions but are struggling for ideas I’ve listed some suggestions below.

1. Exercise – Now this is a classic NYR but instead of joining the gym why not try a sport a try? I do pole dancing and next year will be starting gymnastics. Think outside the box to develop your fitness.

2. Plan a trip – I’m sure everyone has a dream place to visit.

3. Stop worrying so much.

4. Skip the juice cleanse and do a digital detox instead.

5. Speaking of juice cleanses, don’t do one, just eat healthy and exercise to get into shape.

6. Do something you’ve never done before.

7. Stop repeating the same relationship mistakes. 

8. Take more “me time”

9.  Save some money.

10. Drink coffee at home or the office to save some pennies.

11. Get more sleep.

12. Cross one destination off you travel wishlist.

13. Set a professional goal and do what you can to achieve it.

14. Declutter your home and office space.

15. Stop procrastinating (full stop).

16. Organise you’re email inbox, you’ll feel so much better.

17. Start a passion project, you never know something could take off!

18. Take up a new hobby – Photography, blogging, rock climbing, baking or anything you’ve ever wanted to try!

19. Spend more time with friends and family.

20. Do some charity work.

21. Put down the TV remote and pick up a book.

22. Start a journal.

23. Try some new recipes, you never know you might discover your new favourite food.

24. Drink less alcohol.

25. Consider your health more, replace artificial foods with natural ones.

26. Walk more, don’t always jump in your car to drive down the road to the local shop.

27. Get rid of toxic people from your life.

28. Learn to love your body.

29. Accept when you’ve achieved something and shout about it.

30. Do something that scares you, sky diving, meeting your partners parents, whatever you consider a challenge.

31. Take more photos to document your memories.

32. Take some time to write down a few things you’re grateful for.

33. Drink more water.

Sincerely, Kimberly.



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