I’ve been wanting to do a pole photoshoot for a while, I finally took the plunge and booked one at Emma’s Pole Dancing studio in Derby. The shoot was £55 for 6 edited shots on a white background and you could pay extra if you wanted additional photos on the day. The photographer was David J Harrison, I knew what to expect as I had seen his work previously so felt confident that he would get some amazing shots!

A month before my shoot I started considering the best poses/moves to do, it was a tough decision as there are hundreds to choose from. At first I was going to do 4 strength moves which would require a lot of energy, after thinking about it I decided to go with a few simpler moves mixed with the strength ones so I would’t feel as pressured on the day.

One of my biggest concerns was finding something amazing to wear. Considering your outfit ahead of your shoot is important, think about the best colours that will sit against the background. Normally the background will be white or black but some photoshoots do use different colours or patterns. Bright colours will always look great against a black or white backdrop as they will stand out. I was struggling to find the perfect outfit until I came across Siluet Yoga Wear where I found a beautiful royal blue set with highwasited shorts and a sports bra with cross strap back. It was important for me to feel comfortable and confident during the shoot so the highwaitsed shorts were perfect!

The next thing to consider was hair and makeup, since only half my face would be seen in my chosen moves I didn’t need to do anything fancy makeup wise. For my hair I wanted to keep my fringe out of my face because it would be distracting, my talented sister french braided my hair and then tucked the little ends up so everything was neat and tidy. It was the perfect hairstyle and I got loads of compliments.


Before a photoshoot you should try to avoid fizzy drinks, alcohol or anything that would make you feel bloated or sluggish. This is much easier when you have an early timeslot so you can have a light breakfast, although mine was at 4pm so by this time I had breakfast, lunch and a snack. I kept everything healthy and chose lighter options to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

This experience was both exciting and nerve-racking, I was shaking throughout the shoot due to nerves. I believe it was more stressful than I thought it would be. Even though it felt like I couldn’t perform properly due to lack of strength, I still managed to do all my moves and get the right shots. After I’d done each move David (the photographer) would show me the photos to ensure I was happy, if not we would re-shoot until I got the best possible shot.

I’m so proud of myself for finally taking the plunge and doing a pole photoshoot, my photos turned out amazingly and I couldn’t be happier. I’m already thinking about booking another one!

Sincerely, Kimberly.



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