Sometimes we get so busy we forget to take care of ourselves, ensuring you’re happy in your life is so important. Now and again we have to do things we don’t want to and also be around people that we don’t exactly agree with. There are so many little habits that a lot of people (myself included) do that can impact on your life in a negative way.

Trying to please everyone

We have all tried to please too many people at once. What you’ve got to remember is that people are different and have different tastes and opinions. The way I see it, it’s impossible to please everyone, and majority of the time you’ll end up disappointing people if you have over promised.

I find that some people try to change their opinion on something to make others happy. From my perspective you should never change your option for anyone unless its your decision to do so. This is something I learnt later on after I spent all my time trying to reach everyones expectations and agreeing with them because I thought it would be easier. This doesn’t happen anymore, I voice my opinions even if others don’t approve of them. Of course, I get into a few disagreements but I’m happy that I’ve put my option out there and stuck to what I believe.

Fearing change

Whether you like it or not change is a huge part of life, instead of avoiding it you need to learn to embrace it. Things are constantly developing and moving forward so its time to accept things that are out of your control and adapt to the new circumstances.

Living in the past

I used to constantly live in the past and wonder “what if”, I finally realised that if you’re always living in the past you’re not moving forward. Dwelling on past events that are out of your control won’t do your health, mentally or physically any good. You need to learn to let go of things that happened and look forward to the future. Who’s care’s if you made a mistake or didn’t get that job you wanted, keep developing yourself and hopefully next time things will turn out how you planned.

Putting yourself down

Now I am no stranger to putting myself down … it used to be a daily occurrence for me. I would moan about my weight or career not being where I wanted it to be, but it didn’t get me anywhere. After a while I realised that if I gave myself constructive criticism instead of beating myself up, I would get much further in life. The way I see it is if you’re unhappy with something then it’s time to be proactive and make a change. Make the changes in your life that will make you wake up and feel happy.

Worrying about where you are in life

Now and again I worry about where I am and where I want to be in 5 years or so. Its good to have a plan but there is no need to be concerned if you aren’t as far ahead as others at work for example. Mine isn’t so much to do with work rather my personal life, since I haven’t or aren’t following the “normal” steps in your twenties. Have a partner, apply for a mortgage, get engaged or even start a family. I haven’t and don’t plan to do any of these things right now, after all I’m still young and don’t need to follow the norm. It doesn’t matter if you’re not doing what everyone else is doing, your life plan could be completely different and that’s fine! Although, if you’re not where you want to be, what can you do to get you closer to achieving your dreams or ambitions? Make small changes and continually develop and you’ll get where you want to be if you put the work in.


Sincerely, Kimberly.




    • October 16, 2016 / 5:46 pm

      Thank you lovely, I think it so important to think and live in a positive way!

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