Life is tough, the sad truth is that it’s tougher for women than men. I hate to admit it but women tend to hold grudges, find ways to argue or be petty much easier than men. Instead of breaking each other down, we should be standing strong together and building each other up.

So many people say they would love to go back to the “good old school days”, to me that sounds like a living hell. Growing up I was bullied to the point I didn’t want to go to school. For many women school is a place we form our first real thoughts about society, the main thing I learnt is girls can be harsh and there is a huge emphasis on competition. Who is skinnier, prettier or even smarter. All the sligh comments and unnecessary glares that made me feel unattractive, stupid and invisible aren’t needed. There are already so many guys who take the time to do this for us, why should we be putting each other down? All this competition is getting us nowhere, aren’t you exhausted of the petty issues, it’s draining and wastes time that could be spent supporting, encouraging and helping one another grow. I guess it’s true we never really do leave school! Some of us do grow up but those habits always stay with us, whether its making a sligh remark about another girls outfit or staring and giggling. Isn’t it time to grow up once and for all?

Think about the women in your life, whether that be your mother, best friend or colleague that you would be nothing without and think about how great it is to have them supporting you every step of the way. How great would it be to have that with more than one or two people? If we all throw the pettiness and judgemental habits away we could then make room for positive thoughts. We begin to work as a team and inspire each other. In the end this will only make us all stronger. “The strongest women are those that build up the women around them, instead of tearing them down.”

Surround yourself with women who will challenge and inspire you to achieve your goals. Let’s celebrate, support, encourage and love the women in our life.

Sincerely, Kimberly.



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