In 4 short days I will be leaving to attend not one, not two but three events/holidays in a row. I will need to have everything in one suitcase only weighing 10kg for 2 weeks! It will be tough but it’s a challenge I am willing to take on!


My first stop is Lockerbie, Scotland for my uncles wedding, I’ve been looking forward to this for months. Although there have been some complications since I couldn’t fit into my jumpsuit I was planning on wearing. I’ve been on a massive health kick working out and choosing my food wisely to ensure I can wear my beautiful jumpsuit! It’s working, I’ve lost 5 pounds by simply choosing the healthy option! If I continue at this rate I’ll have no problem fitting into my outfit! Second stop is only a short train ride away from Lockerbie, I’m travelling to Edinburgh for 5 days to meet up with my Australian friends who I haven’t seen in over a year. This will be an amazing opportunity to catch up and explore a new place together. Final stop is a week in Barcelona and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve been told nothing but good things about this beautiful city and I cannot wait to explore and experience this for myself. It’s going to be difficult to fit everything in a 10kg suitcase for 3 trips but it’s definitely doable, as long as I pack correctly!


1. Pack plain pieces that can be swapped and changed to create different outfits.

2. Be open to wearing things more than once.

3. Consider packing pieces that can be worn in the day and at night.

4. Two pairs of shoes is enough, a day pair and night pair. Although in my case I’ll have 3 as I intent to keep up my fitness so I need my trainers.

5. Only take a carry on, then you won’t have the option to over pack.

6. If you’re going to a beach destination 2 bikinis is enough.

7. Lay all your clothes out before you begin to pack and eliminate about 40% of what you have put out, you won’t need it all! 

8. Pack travel size toiletries, better yet if you’re not fussy buy them when you arrive at your location.

9. Check to see if your accommodation provides hair dryers and possibly straighteners before you pack yours, failing that maybe invest in a travel hair dryer. I got one for £6 from Argos and it’s still going after a few years!

10. Consider what technology you need, do you really need a laptop, iPad, iPhone, Go Pro, DSL Camera and Polaroid? Well you don’t, try and reduce it to 3 items. To be honest, this is what I would normally pack but I need to learn to reduce what I take. Since I’ll be traveling solo for a week I want my laptop so I can keep uploading photo’s and keep my little space on the blogmasphere updated, my iPhone is a given and I’m thinking my Polaroid will be a good choice!

11. Pack only the essential make up items, I personally don’t wear alot of makeup day-to-day so this is easy for me. Although for those of you who struggle to decide which shade of purple lipstick to pack it’s alot more difficult. Only pack the bare minimum as you most likely won’t use your think liquid foundation in a super hot climate.

12. Double check the weather and pack accordingly, no need to take up space for unneeded pieces.

13. Utilise all the space, pack things in your shoes and down the side etc.

14. If your plans include different climates pack layers so you can adjust easily. Considering I’m going to Edinburgh which isn’t know for its sunny days and also Barcelona that is going to be very hot I have to choose my clothing wisely!

15. Don’t carry jewellery in a large box, select a few pieces and pack in a small pouch of some kind.

16. Don’t weight your case down with thick towels, either invest in some travel towels that are lightweight and small or check your accommodation to see if they supply them. I purchased some great travel towels from Mountain Warehouse, they’re currently on offer so its an awesome time to invest. For the beach try using a sarong as this will dry quickly and save room.

17. Pack some travel wash, this way you can wash a few things on the go for free. If you’re not a fan of travel wash perhaps you should consider washing some clothes while you’re away. Since I’m going to Barcelona after Edinburgh I think I’ll be doing this to save room.

18. Check your airlines luggage allowance before you travel. The allowance for hand luggage can vary and you don’t want to end up paying extortionate prices for checking your bag.

Sincerely, Kimberly.



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