I stumbled across the idea of a reverse bucket list yesterday on Go Live Explore and thought I’d give it ago. For any of you who don’t already follow Alicia’s blog, you should! She’s very inspirational with her health, fitness and travel posts.

It’s amazing how we are always focused on moving forward and the next exciting chapter of our lives, yet rarely take the time to reflect on what we have done and achieved. I’m not going to lie it was difficult at first to think about everything I’ve experienced in 2015 …

1. Celebrated New Year in Sydney, Australia

2. Travelled New Zealand

3. Bungee jumped 134m & 42m – Queenstown, New Zealand

4. Skydived from 19,000ft – Franz Josef, New Zealand

5. Lived on a farm – Margret River, Australia

6. Worked as a calf raiser – Margret River, Australia

7. Worked as a nanny – Margret River, Australia

8. Dyed my hair lilac

9. Travelled the Philippines

10. Scuba dived – El Nido, Philippines

11. Dyed my hair pastel green – Well the sea in the Philippines did!

12. Got my first tattoo

13. Turned 23

14. Got a new job

15. Learnt a new language

16. Took up pole fitness (after 2 years off)

17. Celebrated two friends weddings

18. Was a Bridesmaid at both weddings

19. Had a Holiday in Greece

20. Celebrated my Dad’s 60th Birthday

21. Purchased a Fuji Instax Camera

22. Had a holiday in Amsterdam

23. Made lifelong friends

24. Adopted a bunny called Rolo

25. Saw Matilda the Musical in London

26. Learnt to love my body!

This is only a small snapshot of everything I’ve done in 2015 and what an amazing year its been. Why not try it yourself, you may be surprised by the incredible things you’ve achieved!

Sincerely, Kimberly.



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