Making decisions hasn’t always been a strong skill of mine, especially when I’ve got several options. I’m grateful that I’ve got all of these opportunities but the more I have the harder it gets. Sometimes it’s simpler when you’re given choice A or B but it doesn’t always work like that.

Since I’ve been back from my year in Australia I’ve been a tad confused if I’m honest. What’s up what’s down, should I go left or right. Finding your feet after a year in a different environment can be difficult. I just didn’t know what to do, It was meant to be simple. I was getting my second year visa for Australia and I would be on a flight by November after my friends wedding. Although my visa got declined so no more Aussieland for me, I have considered the option of a student visa and it would be great because I love learning, I would be able to finish my degree and be with my friends again. After really thinking about the pro’s and con’s I decided it’s not what I want right now, I want to explore a new place and I lived in Sydney for the better part of a year in 2014/2015 so lets plan a new adventure!

Should I work here or aboard again? For now I’m happy to stay in the UK and work to save money to fund another adventure but don’t want to get tied down as I want to explore. The other option is work aboard. I’ve been very interested in Canada recently because I can apply for a 2 year visa. This would be an amazing opportunity because I would have the time to live in a few places and explore Canada. Another on my list is New Zealand, I travelled this beautiful place for 4 weeks in February and I would love to go back. Again New Zealand offers a 2 year visa so there is plenty of time. Another work option which I’ve looked into is working somewhere in Europe, maybe do a ski season in the France? Plenty of opportunities we Brits rarely take advantage of.

Travel maybe? How about AMERICA? … just putting it out there! This has always been a dream trip and I would love to travel great places like New York, Las Vegas and New Orleans to name a few. I’ve actually already started planning this trip which you can see here! It should be a no brainer really, travel of course. Although I’ve got one little problem which I think will affect my dream trip in a big way. This thing called money, I seem to have none or lack of. I’ve been applying for extra weekend and evening jobs to get closer to funding this trip next year but no luck yet. I know I will find one, surely I’m qualified enough to stack shelves at Sainsbury’s right? Until then I’ve got to be sensible with the money I am earning and make sure I don’t spend it on silly things.

I think I’ve come up with the best way for me to afford this trip in addition to the extra job. Work while I’m in America, seems simple right? Well it’s not I’m afraid America doesn’t offer a working holiday visa like many other countries but there programmes that will give temporary sponsorship such as Camp America. This particular programme lasts for 9 weeks over the summer holidays so I could earn some extra cash in-between travelling and have a great time doing it. I was thinking about leaving for America at the beginning of May 2016  to travel around a few places. Then I would start work at the Camp end of June through for 9 weeks, it may be called a “summer job” but I can see it being a fun experience. Afterwards I could travel more if a visa allowed me to do so. If not in America I’m more than happy to pop over to Mexico for a few weeks 😉

So it’s been difficult to decide over the past few weeks but in the grand scheme of things I think travelling is the best option for me at this point in my life. I don’t think I’m ready for a “career” yet. Don’t get me wrong I work hard and am dedicated in the jobs I have but knowing I will be exploring somewhere new very soon keeps me happy 🙂


Sincerely, Kimberly.




  1. September 26, 2015 / 9:22 am

    I hate how money centers everything we do…. I'd travel for the rest of my life if it wasn't for money being the issue xx


    • September 26, 2015 / 2:10 pm

      It is annoying but unfortunately its the day and age we live in, although I'm more than happy to spend every last pound on travelling. I would love to keep exploring and it is possible but you need to work in a few countries along the way in order to make it one big continuous trip 🙂 xx

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