America has always been on my list of places to travel, although it’s such a big country where to start? I know something for sure, I want to travel in the summer!

After the initial planning I decided to narrow my locations down further as I had about 19 on the list and only a 3 month visa. I could do all those cities but I want time to explore each place for everything it has.

The current list as it stands:

  • Boston 
  • New York – Enough said.
  • Philadelphia 
  • Washington D.C
  • Virginia – If you’re a “Vampire Diaries” you can visit Mystic Falls although the towns real name is Covington. Tours are available around the town which is definitely on my list of things to do.
  • Orlando – Walt Disney World, Warner Bros. Studios the list goes on.
  • Miami – Why not spend a week sitting on gorgeous beaches.
  • New Orleans – I have a lot of love for the series “The Originals” which was filmed in the beautiful city of New Orleans. If you’ve noticed a pattern I love the supernatural.
  • The Grand Canon 
  • Las Vegas – Need I say more?

I know I’m missing amazing places like LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara and Chicago but I figured I could always go back for round 2. As I said I want to explore each place properly and not rush. 

There are a few ways to travel around America but some are not cost effective if you’re travelling alone. There are 2 ways to travel by yourself either plane or train. Internal flights around America are actually surprisingly low and this is the quicker option. The other option is by train, there are 3 train passes by Amtrak available. Choose from 15, 30 or 45 day passes, each of these passes have restricted number of segments that you can visit so make sure you map out your trip first. I’m thinking of the 45 day pass, this will give me enough time to travel many of the destinations on my list. Yes it may take longer to get to my next destination but isn’t half the fun actually sight seeing in-between cities? I don’t mind the extra time taken to travel, I love train rides. It gives me plenty of time to think and reflect back on what I’ve done and also consider what I want to do in the next. 

Next step, I need to save enough money to explore each place to it’s fullest. Now how much do I need? £5,000, £8,000 or even £10,000 maybe? I’ve been reading a few blogs and chatrooms, to be honest I didn’t get a clear answer because everyones agenda is different. The amount you will need depends on the activities and cities you will be visiting. In my case I think its best for me to have at-least £1,500 per month for accommodation and food, this amount allows me to be flexible and enjoy a meal out or buy something new.

I best start saving because £10,000 is a lot of money to save in about 8 months. Let the fun begin!

So I’ve taken the first steps in planning my trip, but if it’s like any other trips I’ve planned things change. Sometimes the spur of the moment changes of activities or locations are amazing. Do you have any tips for travelling America? Anything I should see or do? Any help would be appreciated 🙂

Sincerely, Kimberly.



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