Want to learn a new language?

About 8 weeks ago I decided to learn a new language, at
the time I was applying to work in France. Therefore I thought French would be
beneficial, although my plans have changed I’ve decided to continue learning the beautiful language. Knowing
another language is a skill that is highly desirable. Not only does it show
you’re focused it demonstrates your ability to retain new information.

I wanted a free way to start learning French and I came across the app Duolingo, you will be
spoilt for choice with this app. It’s very easy to use, after 8 weeks I’m
writing, reading and understanding basic French.

It has several different teaching techniques:

  • Reading English and writing in French (vise-versa)
  • Listening to French and writing what is said in French
  • Speaking French (Obviously this can only go so
  • Matching French to English pairs


Each section is broken down into categories starting with
“basics” from basic words, phases, food, animals, adjectives and plurals. Once
each section is 100% complete then you can move on to more complex areas. I’m
still on the basics and currently on plurals, it may not seem like I’ve got
very far in the 8 weeks but I like to keep repeating each lesson to ensure I
understand it before I move on. I think if you’re not 100% confident before you
move on it can make it difficult to understand more complex areas! Each to
there own though, as everyone learns differently but that’s my opinion 🙂

I do have a lot of love for this app and I know it’s helped
me learn very quickly as I do it daily. Although there are limitations from a
conversations point of view. Improving your speaking skills is so important
when learning a new language and the app can only do so much. Since I’m serious
about learning to my full potential I’ve decided to enrol in an evening class.

This app is great and I would suggest it to anyone wanting
to learn the local lingo for a holiday or to gain a new skill. If
you’re unsure whether a certain language is right for you, Duolingo gives you
the opportunity to learn a little bit and see whether you want to invest in a
class like I am.

Right so I’ve praised this app enough for one day, I hope
you found this helpful and give it a go! Learn something new 🙂

Sincerely, Kimberly.




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