My holiday to Greece is on Tuesday so I need to start planning my hand luggage. Yes I know Greece isn’t a long-haul flight from the UK but I like to be organised incase any issues with luggage occur.

I always carry these eight things with me on every flights no matter the distance.


1: Passport

This may seem like an obvious one but you’ll be surprised how many times I’ve seen people rummaging through their perfectly packed suitcases to locate their passport. Save yourself the drama, stress and pack it in hand luggage.


2: Laptop

Now I don’t know about you but my laptop is always at my side. This may be because I’m addicted to technology but we can talk about that another time. A laptop is an essential item I believe when travelling, airport’s these days mainly have free wifi so you could check your emails, Skype or even do some online shopping if thats what you want. I personally use mine to blog, keep in contact with family and friends as well as watching TV.


A quick note, don’t forget you charger and headphones!


3: Harddrive

Speaking of TV I always carry my 1TB hard drive while travelling, you don’t understand how many long flights I’ve taken in the last year where I’ve had delays or just a long waiting periods between connecting flights, so this has been a lifesaver as its kept me well entertained. Another great thing, if you meet other people with harddrives its a great opportunity to swap movies and get some new bits to watch.


4: iPhone & Charger

These days I don’t think anyone goes anywhere without their phone, I feel lost if I nip to the shop and don’t have it. I guess thats another example of how I’m addicted to technology aye!


5: Toiletries

On most long-haul flights I’ve always been provided with simple things like a tooth brush, on my flights back to the UK from Australia I also got given socks which was a nice surprise. Although on shorter flights these essentials aren’t provided so I make sure I have a few things to keep me going. I always carry a travel tooth brush, hair brush/comb and deodorant to freshen up while I’m on the move.


6: Something warm & cosy

A jumper or a large scarf that can double as a blanket, something comfortable as flights tend to be a bit too well … air conditioned these days.


7: Camera

I love great photos and I wouldn’t be able to achieve these without my DLSR camera. Sometimes I get snap happy and you never know when a photo opportunity will arise, so its always a good idea to keep your camera close. I took this photo with my beautiful camera so thats why its not featured 🙂

8: Home comfort
Whenever I’ve travelled my little Winnie the Pooh has been in my bag. Although when I was in the Philippines in May/June time I lost him so this one is new! It may not be the one I’ve had since I was about 8 but Winnie always comes with me. Yes I’m 23 and still carry a teddy but what can I say I’m a child at heart!

What travel essentials do you have in hand luggage?


Sincerely Kimberly 



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