I have curves, 

I am not the size of a runway model,

I don’t have perfect skin.

Today I want to talk about body image, I rarely hear women talk positively about body image most complain about what they don’t like when they look in the mirror. It’s time this changes, we should love how our bodies are and not let media and the fashion industry tell us how we “should” look.

I have to admit about 2 years ago I would look in the mirror and think to myself everything that is “wrong” with my body. My hips are too big, my thighs wobble my arms look chunky. I had such a bad opinion about myself, when in actual fact I had many compliments saying I have the perfect body in their eyes.

But what is the perfect body?

Does anyone have the perfect body?

In my opinion, no. Nobody is perfect, everyone has flaws and its important to know and remember this.

I was inspired by Kate Winslet and Scarlett Johansson no make-up selfies showing their flaws and opinions on body image. They’re demonstrating that even celebrities, people who are believed to be “perfect” actually have imperfections and are only human. Read their posts and I’m sure you’ll be inspired too!

Even though I am happy with my body I am constantly improving myself through regular fitness and healthy eating, not to change my appearance but to be healthy and feel good. I’ve found if you feel good on the inside it shines through to the outside. While I’ve been living this way my body feels amazing and I’ve been toning up due to the fitness routine. I look in the mirror and I’m proud of my body and I don’t focus on the negatives rather the positives.

Sometimes your perception of body image can be affected by the highstreet. I’m a size 10/12 UK normally and I’m very happy with this now, I no longer think “Oh great, I’m fat if I have to buy the bigger size”. I now understand it’s not the size label that matters rather how I look and feel in the item. For example I tried on a size 12 strappy top in River Island I thought since a similar top in Topshop fits this size would be fine. Although this wasn’t the case, I took it home and looked in the mirror and it didn’t look nice. It was ill-fitting and I had to exchange it for a size 14. I’m ok with this, after all it looks amazing on me and I love it! This shows that buying the right size for your body gives you a positive experience rather you feeling uncomfortable.

MOST IMPORTANTLY Don’t let other peoples negative comments affect you, the people who do this normally dislike their own body so feel the need to put others down. When I’ve had a negative comment, sometimes its annoying but the most important thing is that you don’t second guess yourself when you know you’ve got the body you are proud of!

At the end of the day yes, I still have things I would like to change. Maybe a flatter stomach, tone my arms or remove the scars on my face from acne but I’ve learnt to accept those things as they are because they don’t define who I am nor do they look unattractive. Everything about my body is beautiful and I know appreciate it more than ever!

You can’t change who you are but you can change your perspective of yourself. Think positively and enjoy your body how it is.

What are your opinions on body image?


Sincerely, Kimberly.




  1. August 31, 2015 / 1:11 pm

    I love what you said about clothes sizes. I study fashion design at University and the first thing we were taught is that there is no longer a standard size. Thats why Topshop, zara, new look etc.. all are different!

    Really great post!

    Francesca xx

    • August 31, 2015 / 4:06 pm

      Yes exactly there are no standard sizes anymore so it's best to ignore the size label when shopping and buy something that looks amazing rather buying a slightly too tight because its a 10 for example. I'm happy you enjoyed the post, I will be featuring more like this on my blog very soon! 🙂

      Sincerely, Kimberly.

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