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Well theres no question about it, Philippines it is!

I had never thought about the Philippines as a holiday destination, but I guess because it was never one of the usual routes from the UK. Fortunately one of my friends in Australia was originally from the Philippines so we decided to check it out. It was the best decision we had made, I can honestly say that it is truly beautiful.

Let’s talk a little about the weather shall we? So in June it’s rainy season, when looking at our weather apps on the iPhone it seemed like it was going to be a disappointing trip. It said thunder for the 2 weeks. This was not the case thank god! We had some cloudy days but these were filled with shopping and lunches indoors and generally looking around the area. So don’t be alarmed if your weather app says rubbish weather!

I spent a week by myself in the Palawan Islands before I met up with my friends in Boracay. Quick tip Boracay is more expensive than other islands as its a tourist destination.


Puerto Princesa



Underground River


Apparently the Underground river is one of the “New” 7 wonders of the world. In my opinion it wasn’t amazing, it was nice to look at but I wouldn’t suggest it if you’ve already seen caves before like I have. Plus there is a lot of waiting around, its a full day because of all the waiting. For example your picked up at 6am then you go to get your environmental visa which took about 2 hours. Afterwards you’ve got a 2 hour drive to the underground river with more waiting around. So it’s a lot of standing around for a 30 minute boat ride in the cave.

El Nido


Island hopping

If you go to El Nido, island hopping is the perfect way to spend a day! I did tour C which is all beautiful beaches. Take a look for yourself 🙂


Scuba diving

I was debating whether to leave scuba diving until I met up with my friends in Boracay, but when asking the locals they said between Boracay and El Nido, El Nido is the better place to dive. The sea in Boaracy is rougher and there is not as much to see. I have to say I was not disappointed with diving in El Nido. Absolutely beautiful!

I saw a turtle 🙂

Want to know the secret of getting pastel green hair?

Well I’m going to tell you how! First bleach your hair, put a semi-perminant purple dye then go in the sea while travelling the Philippines. Simple enough aye? (Well I know its the bleach that turned green, haha). I got a beautiful pastel green hair colour from this accident and I love it!

Time to meet the girls, so excited to see them after 3 months away. Boracay here I come! 🙂



Beautiful sunsets

So we decided to stay in a beach hut. It was the BEST decision ever!!! Between the 4 of us it was £14 each per night in a beautiful 5* place.

Boat trip around the island

What better way to see the island than on a little sailing trip with abit of snorkelling.


Always wanted to do parasailing but on most holidays it seems so expensive, but in the Philippines it was only $30 what a bargain! I was a tad annoyed when looking at the pictures because I didn’t realise my GoPro had a smudge on the screen 🙁

I loved the speed boat back to the island 🙂

So end of story, the Philippines is an absolutely amazing place and I would recommend it as your next holiday destination or travel the entire Philippines!

Explore, love life and enjoy every moment as I do, as I’ve been told I do indeed have a beautiful life.

Sincerely Kimberly



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