It has taken me far too long to post the second half of my Aussie Adventures but …. here it is finally 🙂


This was certainly an interesting experience for me
since I get sea sick, but I still got on the boat for 2 days 2 nights. We were
on the Boomerang that was a sailing boat. We didn’t expect a sailing boat more
like a party boat! Although you’ve got to make the best out of any situation 🙂

The food on the boat was amazing, the first night
we had chicken, rice with satay sauce. We also got SNACKS! First day we got
nachos, which I love and the second day we had cheese and biscuits. 

We went 

snorkeling  and saw loads
of pretty fish and coral, unfortunately no turtles. Although when I decided not
to go the second day, other people saw turtles, I was slightly jealous…

We got the opportunity to see this amazing beach …

The last night we watched the sunset on the beach
with cheese and biscuits, which was lovely. We even got some group photos of us
in a pyramid, I was in the middle with Kelly’s knee jabbing me in the back as
she was on top. Although I can’t complain, at least I wasn’t on the bottom! 🙂


After Whitsundays we stayed another night in Airlie
Beach before moving on to 1770. Naturally since we only had 1 night in Airlie
beach we went out! We met up with people of the boat and saw some friends we
met along the way in the bar. 

This is a lovely photo apart from Ed swearing in the background. Thanks Ed…


The highlight of 1770 was scooteroo! It was an
amazing experience, not only did we get our own little Harley Davidsons to ride
we also got a leather jacket and helmet with match flame design. Lets just take
it up another notch with stick on tattoos! 

We drove for about 3 hours and stopped to watch the
sunset. I would recommend doing it if your travelling down/up the coast.


I did love the Fraser Island experience, we spent 3
days and 2 nights in cabins of 4 people, this made a nice change from the 8 bed
dorms I had been staying in. First day we visited Lake Mckenzie. Second day we
took a walk through the rain forest to Central Station and also visited Bashan

I had the opportunity to try paddle boarding, it was surprisingly ok to balance!

So let’s get onto the food … there was all you can
eat Roast Dinner, it was beef so it’s not my favourite but it was nice to have
something different to rice and pasta. Since it was a Sunday they had an apple
pie and custard for dessert, I didn’t really like it but charlotte did. So much
that she had 2 big bowl fulls!


Noosa was such a relaxed town and the weather was
great which is always a bonus! 🙂

First day we sat on the beach and decided to treat
ourselves to a Gelatisamo ice cream with hot Nutella! I think I am officially
addicted to this ice cream … It’s just so good!

We went for a walk across the national park, which
took a total of 3 hours with the route we choose, after all that walking we
knew we deserved another Gelatisamo ice cream. I got chocolate and cookies and
cream flavours, of course I had hot Nutella 🙂

While in Noosa we went to some markets where I
tried something called a Cronut, which is a cross between a donut and
croissant. It was amazing!

I love Zoo’s so when we got the opportunity to go to the famous Australian Zoo founded by the Irwin family we thought why not!

I knew I had to get a kangaroo selfie, I got very lucky the first time I tried to take one as they tend to turn away whenever you would try to take a picture with them. I still am very happy with my selfie! 🙂

I also got to hold a Koala … 



I did love Brisbane, it was a nice change to see a main city instead of all the small towns we have been visiting. We spent a few days relaxing and looking around city.


We arrived in surfers on the 19th July and
the free phones to call the hostel were broken! This was not a good start to
our experience in surfers. We jumped into a mini bus for a different hostel
called ‘surfers paradise’. You could tell it was a boys ran hostel, the room
was semi clean but the bathroom was horrible. We asked at reception if it could
be cleaned and he looked at us gone out.

We spent the day looking around the city centre and
shops on the 20th July, we came across yet another Gelatisamo where
I obviously had to buy an ice cream, I tried crème caramel and chocolate
truffle with hot Nutella. It was delicious!


We arrived in Bryon Bay on the 21st
July, we thought we was in for a relaxing night in, this was not the case! We
got convinced to go out to cheeky monkeys. We pre drank at the hostel and got
banned from the bar because I decided to buy a drink then take it into the
kitchen even though we was told not too! Oooopsie!

We all were so tired on the 22nd July as
we didn’t wake up until 12 midday. At this point we all ate a subway and walked
upto the lighthouse which took about 3 hours. The scenery was beautiful and well
worth the walk, we also saw some dolphins.

On the 23rd July we went on a trip to
Nimbin for $49. If you like tie dye, dreadlocks and weed its definitely the
place for you!

I was so happy we finally rented some bikes on the
24th July and went on a bike ride. After a 2 hour bike ride we
relaxed on a beach until we had to return them. Then it was on to Sydney on a
13 hour bus ride! I hate night buses, so uncomfortable!

So it was one of the best days of the year … My
BIRTHDAY! As many people have said, when you turn 22 it’s all down hill from
there. Yet I had my birthday in Australia, so I cant complain.

As we arrived in Sydney for 10am we had a look
around the shops and got to know where everything was in the city. We also went
to Max Benner Chocolate Bar, which is a chocolate café. Between the 3 of us we shared
a fondue for 2 and also had another something each. I had an AMAZING caramel

Now you see it! ….

Now you don’t! 

Since it was my birthday I had to treat myself, as
you do! So I brought myself a shiny new mac book air! In Australia they are
a lot cheaper than the UK, I paid £600 whereas in the UK they are £1000.

After a crazy night out for my birthday Charlotte
and Kelly were hungover but still managed to do a Coogie to Bondi walk which
took about 5 hours. So atleast we did something productive!

The 28th July was my last day with
Charlotte and Kelly before they went on to Melbourne so we did all the tourist
things you should do while in Sydney, see the Sydney bridge, opera house and
batanic gardens.

To celebrate the great results that we got at work (baring in mind, I had only been working for equator for a couple of weeks) we all had some campaign in the office ... Why not take time out to celebrate these amazing results 🙂 

Before we went out for food, we went to an exhibition at the Archibald. I haven’t had the opportunity to go while in Aus so it was a nice experience.

Then we had the most amazing food at the Opera Bar, which was eaten so fast I didn’t manage to get a photo. YES … It is really that good 🙂

We also had drinks …. Cocktails to be exact. This was called a Raspberry Blossom, it was very sweet but so delicious I couldn’t resist and had to have another … and maybe 2 more afterwards 🙂

Lets fast forward to the October 2014 where
I’ve managed to survive all this time without Charlotte and Kelly! So … I
currently have 2 jobs, I love working at Equator, which is a packaging design company in addition
to working at an Italian 

This week I collected my new keys for an apartment, which I will be living in with 2 lovely Irish girls I met while in the hostel. This is only until we all go travelling to China, Hong Kong, Asia and Bali next year 🙂 I am so excited!

I still have many new things to experience here in Sydney and I’m going to make
the most of my time here before I go travelling.

That’s all for now people, I hope you’ve enjoyed
this extremely long post. (I think it’s the longest I’ve ever wrote!)

Sincerely, Kimberly.

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