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I'm from Nottingham, born and bred. In 2014 I was made redundant from my job (that I thought was my "dream job") and I ended up applying for a years visa for Australia, all I can say is that it was the best decision I had ever made. I spent the year travelling down the east coast and putting roots down in Sydney where I met the most amazing friends I still stay in contact with today. My adventure didn't stop there, I went on the travel New Zealand and parts of the Philippines where I spent most days laying on a beach watching the world go by. Wow, what an fantastic way to live aye! 

Travelling gives you time to think about who are you and who you aspire to be. The main thing I learnt while on the move is to not take life so seriously, live free, think positively and in turn you'll live a happy life. That's why I love to blog about positivity and happiness to inspire others to live this way.

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