Saturday, 2 April 2016


Spring has sprung, the time has come to dust off your sundress and show shades of pastel and pretty floral prints. Although on a "beautiful" rainy English Spring day like today I think jeans would be more suited!

It's been a while since I've been shopping, when I started scrolling through the big wide web I found 110 pieces that would fit perfectly into my ever growing wardrobe. Since I'm not a millionaire nor do I foresee someone dropping a big cheque at my doorstep, I've had to narrow down my list to the following 8 pieces.

Spring is a great time to introduce colour back into your wardrobe, whether its a flash of colour like on the shirt dress or go all out with the green jumpsuit. Colour livens up your wardrobe which is exactly what is needed, especially after months of wearing black or navy for the winter months. 

The khaki jeans shouldn't really appear on my April Wishlist considering I already purchased them last week, but I love the colour and think everyone should add some khaki into their wardrobe as it's a key colour this season. Combining the jeans with a lace/crochet white top lightens up and brings a feminine touch to the look. Wouldn't you agree?

Every year I'll purchase a staple pair of flat sandals, they're easy to wear, fashionable and comfortable. The only question is do I choose brown or black this year? Decision, decisions ...

Item details 

Sincerely, Kimberly.


  1. I love that shirt dress! And the backpack is a gorgeous colour. I always tend to go black for sandals because I find they go with more, but brown are good too.. x

    1. The shirt dress is one of my favourites from the above! Yeah black does go with alot, although I already have some black Birkenstocks so maybe brown would be a better option for this year!

      Thanks for reading :) x

  2. I love that backpack! Gorgeous colour for spring :) that shirt dress is lovely too, river island have such nice items in atm.

    Amy |

    1. The backpack is a great way to add a little splash of colour into your wardrobe if your not a very colourful person :)

      Tell me about it, I'm having to restrict myself from buying too much at once in River Island, sometimes I wonder if I need to buy food each month or if new clothes will feed my appetite. Haha ;) xx