Saturday, 27 February 2016


Leading a healthy lifestyle is high on my priority list, I'm always trying to make simple changes to be healthier. It can be difficult sometimes with all the temptation to indulge in food out, sugary snacks and frizzy drinks. There are a few simple changes that can be made to lead a healthier lifestyle.

1. Swap Deli meats for fresh chicken, beef or tofu 
Deli meats are highly processed, ham and salami are two of the worst ones. Make your salads or sandwiches healthier by choosing fresh chicken, beef or tofu. 

2. Avoid caffeine
If you love your morning coffee this may be a difficult one for you! Caffeine is highly addictive and very dehydrating, try replacing your morning tea or coffee with Green or herbal tea.

3. Replace fizzy drinks with flavoured water
Fizzy drinks contain large quantities of sugar which isn't good for your body inside or out. Excess amounts of sugar can cause caverties, fat storage and breakouts on the skin. Making your own flavoured water is very easy and tastes delicious. Why not give it a go and make your own? Add some fresh fruit to a jug of water and leave it to infuse overnight in the fridge. By the morning you'll have fresh fruity water.

4. Swap white bread and wraps for wholemeal bread
Homemade sandwich are a healthier alternative to buying a meal deal at boots but the bread you use can make a huge difference. White breads and wraps are full of refined flours which can spike your blood sugar levels, after a short period of time you can be left feeling hungry again. Swap the white bread and wraps for the wholemeal option which has all the essential nutrients needed.

5. Choose air popped popcorn over crisps 
Crisps are full of saturated fat and are a very addictive junk food. If you need to feed your craving, try snacking on air popped popcorn as it's a healthier alternative due to the way its produced.

6. Replace milk and white for dark chocolate
I don't think I need to say anything about chocolate, it's a well-know fact that it's full of sugars, fats and other unknown ingredients. I've recently read that if chocolate was introduced to the market today, it wouldn't be approved due to the ingredients. If like me, you have a huge sweet tooth try swapping milk or white chocolate for 70% dark chocolate which will still satisfies your cravings.

7. Get exercise where possible
Fitness is something we all neglect at times but its important to maintain a healthy routine. If you struggle to fit it around your busy schedule make some simple changes like taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking instead of driving.

Sincerely, Kimberly.


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