Saturday, 20 February 2016


Pole dancing does wonders for your body from the inside out. I've gain significant strength and confidence through pole dancing. This said, there are a few things you should know before you start.

1. Pole dancing isn't just for strippers
Yes, pole dancing does originate from strip clubs, it's much more than that now. Thousands of women (and some men) have realised the amazing benefits that pole dancing provides. When I tell people I pole dance for fitness I get the odd comment like "you've got your backup career sorted", sometimes people don't believe it can be a sport. Although I've heard people are pushing for it to be an Olympic sport, I can't wait for that!

2. It can be very dangerous without the correct training and supervision
If you haven't attempted a move before it can be extremely dangerous to try it without the correct training. If you want to try something new, ask your instructor and give it a go while someone spots you. You may have to build up more strength or flexibility through other moves or stretches before attempting some new moves. 

3. Your skin is the best thing to use as grip
The more advanced your skills get the less clothing you'll need. As you progress into the harder moves it helps to have your skin out so you can grip and hold poses for longer! 

4. Be prepared for the bruises
Oh, the bruises! This sport has many advantages but the bruises is not one of them. After my lesson today I've come out with 5 new bruises from attempting new moves or simply trying to perfect already familiar ones, but I love the sport so for me it's worth it!

5. "Not having any upper body strength" is not an excuse not to give it ago
When I first started I could barely hold myself off the ground, now I'm able to hold my bodyweight in so many different poses. It's all about building that strength as you go along, each week you will realise the progress and feel motivated to carry on!

6. We support each other
The class I attend is so supportive, when you mastered something new everyone is very excited as we encourage each other to move to the next level.

7. It gives a sense of achievement
The best feeling in the world is when you've mastered a move you've been working towards for weeks. If it's a particularly difficult move, when you've managed it you feel so good and want to share it with the world.

8. It's much harder than it looks
I've been doing pole for over 3 years, the biggest thing I've learnt is pole moves are a lot harder than they look. My tutor does everything with ease and grace, although my approach is less graceful. Sometimes it's hard to see the strength that goes into a move, for example climbing the pole is harder than bicep curls.

Sincerely, Kimberly.


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