Sunday, 31 January 2016


Left: Ballerina Pose // Right: Bow and Arrow Pose

Working out can sometimes feel like a chore. I seem to have a short attention span so if I'm not learning and seeing results I quickly loose motivation. That's why back in 2011 I decided to try pole dancing, at first I didn't know what to expect. After all pole dancing does originate from strip clubs, although it's far from the truth! Many people, like me, use pole dancing as a way to keep fit while learning something new in the process. 

It's an amazing way to stay fit, although everything comes at a price and I'm not talking about the cost. You will be battered and bruised, that's the truth! I didn't want to mislead you. Besides that, there are so many reasons why you should get involved and give pole fitness a try.

1. Teaches the power of bodyweight workouts
Subject to popular belief you don't need to lift weights to gain muscle, lifting your own body weight can go along way. Pole dancing is a great example of this, using your strength to lift, spin and hold pole poses. Simple moves such as climbing the pole is tougher than biceps curls!

2. It's a great workout!
Hate doing burpees, bicep curls and push ups? Well you'll be happy to know pole dancing combines 4 types of workouts. A beginner can burn anything from 290-400 calories per hour, advanced dancers can burn around 700!

3. You become more flexible 
Flexibility is something I've always struggled with, doing pole has helped me become more limber. As you become more flexible you have fewer problems with back pain and muscle soreness, you will also minimise the risk of sprains and be able to move more freely.

4. It builds your self confidence
After you've mastered the basics and strengthen your muscles, you quickly begin to see amazing progress. Your confidence grows as your abilities do, pole dancing has also helped me see my body in a positive way.

5. Great way to meet people
It's great to have friends with things in common, right? Well if your friends aren't that into pole fitness, give it ago alone. I met so many lovely ladies at pole, they are all so encouraging. Sometimes you need that encouragement within a sport to stay motivated and these ladies do it so well.

6. You learn a new skill
Pole dancing helps develop strength, builds stamina and makes you feel feminine. As you progress and improve your skills, you'll become motivated to continue working hard to maintain the level you've reached.

Have I convinced you to give it ago?

If you live around the Nottingham area, try Venus Pole Dancing. It's an amazing environment filled with incredible people all pushing to develop their skills!

Sincerely, Kimberly.


  1. I adore pole. I've been going since September so I am still a complete beginner but I'm now finding myself watching 'Beginner pole moves' videos on YouTube and going 'Yep I can do that one, I'm learning that one, I've tried that one' Hooray!

    1. Taking up pole fitness is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I love it!

      I'm sure your not a complete beginner if you started in September, I bet your strength has improved significantly! I know mine did after a few months of starting. Its the best feeling when you can say "I can do that!" you feel so proud of yourself! :)

      Today I posted about pole fitness again, take a look :)

  2. The pose on the right is not bow and arrow, and is closer to extended butterfly.

    1. Hiya,

      It actually is both technically, different studio's will call it either Bow and Arrow or Butterfly. Sometimes you get that where 1 move has a few names depending on who you ask.

      What you might call Bow and Arrow I know as Dangerous Bryan...