Monday, 21 December 2015


With only 4 days until Christmas people will be going crazy and panic buying all the little bits and bobs they neglected to get! Town will be too busy for me to handle so I will be in hibernation mode until Christmas and Boxing day sales are over! Although for those of you who forgot to buy those little stocking fillers or presents in general, here are fifty last minute gift ideas ...

1. Bed socks - Without a doubt always a winner

2. Scented candles - My personal favourite is Yankee Candles Pink Sands! Beautiful smell :)

3. Mug

4. Sweets - Amazing from a little Sweet Shop and not just from the supermaket

5. Chocolate - Hotel Chocolate or Thorntans is always a winner!

5. Soaps or body wash - The Body Shop is a great choice!

6. Giftcards for Amazon, Tesco, Outfit, Boots - Anywhere you think they will love!

7. DVDs - For those who still collect DVDs, me personally I prefer everything on a hardrive!

8. Starbucks/Costa gift card for coffee lovers

9. Pyjamas - My friend Ema brought me some Alice in Wonderland ones and I love them! 

10. Notebook - I love Cath Kidston notebooks as they are so pretty.

11. Art supplies for the creative people in your life

12. Selfie Stick - This Cath Kidston one is amazing and is on my list!

13. Alcohol - At least your giving them something that won't clutter the house :)

14. Lipbarm - I love the Burt's Bees collection

15. Wolly Hat

16. Water bottle - I mean a pretty one :)

18. Jewellery - Pandora is always a winner in my eyes, although be prepared to que for hours in the shops.

19. iPhone case

20. Purse/Wallet

21. Socks

22. Personalised jar of Nutella - Obviously if you live near a Selfridges it's much easier to get this.

23. Hair accessories

24. Laptop case

25. CD - For the people who still love to have the actual item instead of downloading!

26. Soft toy - Your never too old for a little toy from your favourite Disney film!

27. Scarf

28. Gloves

29. Slippers - I got some bunny ones from Next :)

30. Lipstick - Mac always a winner!

31. Any kind of make-up actually!

32. Passport cover for travel lovers - Not on the highstreet have some great ones!

33. Travel Journal

34. Travel Listography - I got this as my secret santa and I love it!

35. Travel set - Including pillow, eye mask, bottles for shampoo and conditioner 

36. Favourite shampoo and conditioner - I know it may sound boring but I love it when I receive the Aussie brand as a gift!

37. Photo frame - Urban Outfitters have some beautiful ones 

38. Flowers

39. Stationary

40. Books - I recently purchased The Diary of Anne Frank after visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam, it's very interesting and worth a read!

41. Kitchen supplies such as tea towels - For those new home owners or an auntie haha

42. Art

43. Ornaments - Disney store is always a winner in my eyes, obviously because I love DISNEY!

44. Some of their favourite, Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate

45. Baking equipment 

46. Handbag

47. 2016 Diary - A personal favourite of mine is the Cath Kidston Diary

48. Weekly / Daily to do list pads - For the people who love to stay organised, well try too! :)

49. Magazine subscription - Make sure they love the magazine first, for me it would be Vogue!

50. Cake - Maybe from The Cheesecake Shop or Patisserie Valerie and write on the present fragile!

Don't delay anymore get those last little pressies in time for Christmas :)

Sincerely, Kimberly.


  1. All great ideas! I may post some of mine tomorrow :) I would love every single thing on this list!

    - Seri

    1. Every year I'm stuck for ideas, so I thought others would be too! - I would love everything too! Although I'm moving house so I don't have the space capacity haha!