Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Christmas Eve is truly a magical time, we hang our stockings above the fire place and leave festive treats for Santa and his Reindeer to find. If you love Christmas I bet your pretty excited right about now! People all over the world will be getting ready to celebrate with Christmas Eve traditions, I don't have many myself so I did some research and found a few...

1. Visit the Christmas markets - Go for a nice walk, take in the Christmas atmosphere while enjoying a hot chocolate or mulled wine.

2. Sing some carols - Whether you've got a voice like an angel or a cat scratching a blackboard Christmas is the time when anyone can get involved!

3. Curl up with a good Christmas book.

4. Snuggle infront of the TV and Chain watch Christmas movies - Personally I love The Grinch, The Santa Clause and Miracle on 34th Street ...

5. Attend a Christmas service - I'm not religious but last year I attended midnight mass on Christmas Eve with friends, you will be told the traditional nativity story and sing some carols which can be good fun.

6. Hang your stockings above the fireplace and don't forget to pop some treats in someone else's for a surprise in the morning :)

7. Put out festive treats for Santa and his Reindeer! 

8. Wrap your presents - I'm normally more prepared but this year I'm running a little behind so, all my wrapping will be finished today!

9. Do some festive baking - Whether your a professional or amateur baker, making some festive treats gets you in the spirit of all things Christmas. Plus, you have some yummy cakes and cookies for Christmas morning. Apparently donuts are a very traditional Christmas treat, who knew!

10. Make some Eggnog - I've personally never tried it but I've heard good things ...

11. Dance around to Christmas music, we all love a bit of Mariah Carey.

12. Get creative and make a Christmas Ornament for 2015!

13. Open one small present because one more day is too long to wait and see what surprises you've got!

14. Take a Christmas Eve photo, gather your friends or family and get group shot! Better yet get the selfie stick out!

15. Take some time to switch off from technology and enjoy each others company while getting competitive playing some board games :)

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone! 

Sincerely, Kimberly.


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