Saturday, 17 October 2015


When cool crisp air has set in and the leaves turn shades of golden yellow and orange, it can only mean one thing ... Autumn has offically arrived. Which means it's time for the denim shorts to go away and the scarves to come out and play. Each year I add new Autumn must-haves to my wardrobe but also use the essential pieces. Six essential items spring to mind that will also take you through to the colder winter months.

Black boots:
Every year I get a new pair of ankle boots normally from Dorothy Perkins as they've been reliable and I love the simple Chelsea Boot style. This simple style can be worn casually, professional and for a night out with the girls. The price isn't too bad either at only £25 why not give them a try. I’ve just purchased mine this week as the weather has started getting a tad frosty for my liking so it’s time to put the Birkenstocks away!

Long sleeve tops / thin jumpers:
One thing I love to do when Autumn sets in is layering. Due to the unpredictable weather in the UK layering can be a life saver, when you get a tad cold or hot just take a layer off or put one on. Consider long sleeve jumpers and tops. This season it's all about the striped top and I've already got that covered. I purchase this one for just £6 from Tesco F&F clothing, it's comfortable and good quality. Another new additional is this burgundy thin jumper from H&M (also available in 5 other colours) which can be dressed up or worn casually and for £14.99 why not?

Leather jacket:
The best layering piece I can suggest for Autumn is a leather jacket. It's the perfect thickness to throw over a jumper and looks stylish at the same time. Another great thing about leather jackets is they're a stable fashion piece, every year featured on the top trending pages of magazine and on must-have lists. Why not treat yourself to a stable must-have piece. It's not spending money for the sake of it, think of it as an investment!

I would suggest keeping a scarf handy incase the english weather takes a turn for the worst. Scarves are the one thing I always carry with me, they're light and easy to tie to a bag. They're also a great way to accessorise and finish an outfit. I would suggest getting a versatile colour such as black, grey or navy but also consider the stable prints such as tartan. I love my tartan scarf and have worn it for a few years now, I've found a similar on from H&M above.

Jeans are perfect for all seasons, I would normally wear light coloured denim although it can be a tad pale for the winter months so a darken denim is needed. I recently purchased some super highwaisted blue jeans from Primark for just £10, super comfortable and have lasted a few washes so they get a thumbs up from me! I also love Topshop leigh jeans, again they last after washes and I've had the same ones for over 3 years although they have a higher price tag of £38. 

I love backpacks, simply because they are easy to carry and distributes the weight between both shoulders. I already have a Cath Kidston one which is ideal for travelling as it fits both my laptop and camera in. I've been after one for everyday use and had my eye on a black faux PU one from Accessorize. Thanks to a friend I managed to get a little discount, in the end I paid around £23 instead of £35. Don't worry you'll get a similar discount considering it's now in the sale for £25 so get it while you can! The bag is very spacious and includes 2 pockets at the front and side to carry a water bottle and a few little bits and bobs.

There are so many different designs and sizes for backpacks now, yes it's not necessarily an essential piece for everyone but I think its great addition to your wardrobe.

Sincerely, Kimberly.


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