Saturday, 11 April 2015


As I've mentioned I'm returning back to the UK in June, so I've been internet browsing to see what new additions will be added to my ever growing wardrobe. This week I've been looking at a new bag perhaps? Or purse? Or both!

Right, lets get dow to business. I've had my eye on the Grafea backpack since last year. I didn't buy one because I left for Australia to travel but now I'm returning to the UK I see no reason why I shouldn't purchase it ASAP. I love the lilac colour and the size is reasonable for day-to-day use, in addition to being fashionable! 

Next item is the Cambridge mini satchel which would be perfect for a new "going out" bag with the size just big enough to fit my essentials for a night out. I love the blue apposed to black or brown which is my normal choice. The zip coin purse will fit perfectly in the satchel and be a great new addition to my collection of leather goods :)

Finally my technology could use some new covers and these from Cath Kinston just caught my eye. I recently brought the iPad case as a gift for someone but now have decided I may have to buy it for myself because it's so cute. 

Sincerely Kimberly 


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