Friday, 27 March 2015


Topshop how I have missed you!

I’m on my way back to the UK in June so I’ve been browsing the Topshop website, seeing what new additions will be added to my ever growing wardrobe. So lets get down to business and talk about my current top 5 items I need, YES NEED in my wardrobe! 

Lets start with the white embroidered tee, I have a few tops in this style and I love wearing them with skinny jeans on a casual day or dressed up with wedges at night. The embroidered detail adds feminine touch to the square straight cut.

Jeans at Topshop seem to fit me so well; other brands tend to be perfect on my legs but too big on my bum for example. The issue hundreds of women go through. So naturally when I want to buy a white pair of jeans, where else am I going to go other than Topshop. White is sophisticated and can make an outfit look smart and fashionable. Although with the style of ripped jeans it can also give a more casual appeal.

My wardrobe back home is overflowing with prints and patterns, so why not add just one more little item to the collection? The floaty style and longer length means I can wear it with leggings without revealing too much.

It's confession time .... I have this problem where I buy shoes and only wear them once or twice, don't ask me why. At the time the purchase seemed like a good idea. Although I already own a beautiful pair of white shoes from Topshop,  I’m pretty sure holes are just about to form from excessive wear. So I think this is an appropriate purchase as I know I will wear them until they fall apart. :)

A girl’s wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a LBD (Little Black Dress). Now before last year you wouldn’t catch me in a fitted dress as I didn’t feel comfortable, but now I more than happy to show off my curvy silhouette in this beautiful midi length dress with cut-outs.

I can’t wait to see what Topshop releases when I’m home in June! What's on your Topshop Hitlist?

Sincerely Kimberly 
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