Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Before you even think about entering a supermarket, you need a shopping list. Don't go in unarmed, you may regret it! ;)

Since I'm currently doing farm work and living a 20-minute drive away from the supermarket in Margaret River, I'm trying to be prepared as possible. I don't want to go back because I forgot 1 main item like sweet potatoes. Here's a few tips to help you tackle the supermarket.

As the week goes on I make a list on my phone when I think of something. Although before I buy everything I look at the list once again and make sure all the items will go towards making a meal or snack. I don’t want to be buying items I won’t end up using, especially fresh foods, as I can’t save it for the next week. Farm work is an ideal time for me to save money so I don’t want to be wasting it on items I’m not eating aye!

I plan out my meals for the week and consider any snacks I will need. To save myself money I tend to have the same meal for 3 days in a row as I make it in bulk. Doing this means I have to ensure that I’ve got all the main food groups included. For example this week I made chicken & veg in a homemade sauce and sweet potato.

One thing I always have to remember to do is EAT before going grocery shopping! The worse thing you can do is go into a supermarket hungry, this makes everything seem like a good idea and you can come out with 3 chocolate bars and 4 bags of crisps. If you’re in a rush pick up something easy to carry and eat like an apple or some rice crackers to avoid making unwanted and unneeded purchases your waistline will later regret!

Another tip that prevents me from buying the unhealthy choices is only going to the aisles I need. Everything is signposted at the top so no more using that excuse “I didn’t know which aisle the fruit was down” as my mother has said on several occasions. If you go up and down every aisle you’re only teasing yourself of all the wrong foods and this could end up yet again with you walking out the shop with 5 chocolate bars etc. Save yourself the pressure and avoid these aisles!
I believe for a healthy lifestyle, inspiration is key! I keep inspirational images everywhere I can, on my bedroom wall, on the fridge and even on my phone for on the go inspiration when I need it. So, if I somehow end up down the chocolate aisle I look my ideal body I’m working towards on my phone and step away from the chocolate.

Stay motivated and don’t give into temptations. You can do this!

I hope this has helped you with your supermarket struggles :)

Sincerely Kimberly 
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