Friday, 6 March 2015


If you're lucky tank: $69 // If you're lucky crop $109 // If you're lucky long sleeve tee $95 // If you're lucky bra $59 // Yoga party pants $129

I discovered Lululemon when I was travelling in New Zealand. I met some Canadian girls who introduced me to the brand. I instantly loved the look and feel of the brand and even made a cheeky little purchase! 

So when I find a brand I like, I browse whenever I can. I love browsing the website because I can do it from the comfort of my own home, well my friends sofa since I'm currently living with her! Sometimes I like to get over my vampirism and venture outside to explore the products in person, to try them on and get a feel for the fabrics. Luckily I'm still living in beautiful Australia and Sydney has a big store!

If you're lucky tank: Let's start with the tank, I love the style with mesh cutouts and the basic straight cut but the top is very low on the bust so a vest is needed underneath. 

If you're lucky crop: The amazing patterned crops fitted beautifully as they were made from the Luxtreme (TM to Lululemon), a breathable and durable material which provides great support. Definitely on my wishlist :)

If you're lucky long sleeve: Loved the style, concept and fit of the white long sleeve tee but I didn't love the swim material used so I had to veto this one. 

If you're lucky bra: Right so let's talk about the sports bra, I couldn't believe how poorly this product fitted. It squished my bust and looked extremely unflattering. When I spoke to the sales assistant she said they have had similar feedback from other customers. Hopefully they will be sorting this issue out before next season!

Yoga party pants: These trousers fit really well just skimming the body. I can wear them casually and smartly, perfect multi-functional piece to have my my wardrobe. 

If you've never explored the brand, take a look on there website :)

Sincerely Kimberly 
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