Saturday, 28 February 2015


Not only have I been neglecting my fitness over the past few weeks, I've also neglected my little space on the blogosphere. Time to get my act together aye!

Travelling myself I know how difficult it is to keep up with the usual fitness routine. Although it's very simple, stop THINKING and start DOING. Easy right?

Here's a few steps that help me get back into my fitness routine after a break.


1: Get your gym clothes out when you arrive at a new city and place them in plain sight. Doing this motivates me to get up and go out!

2: Have a fitness plan
When I first start exercising again I have targets in mind. For example, 15 minute run / 50 sit-ups, crunches, leg raises and squats. I find if I have clear targets it is easier for me to concentrate and get things done!

3: Know your limits
Just because you used to do 50 pull-ups each day 2 months ago doesn't mean you can do them now. Pace yourself and build your exercises up again by adding more reps each time.

4: Be consistent
Try to keep up with a daily fitness routine. This will keep you motivated and less likely stop exercising again.



Yes the new foods can be very enticing and it's ok to try them but in moderation. On the other hand ... Do you really need to have another McDonald's because you can't be bothered to cook?

1: Make healthy eating a  priority
Yes your friends might be having a greasy burger but if you're serious about staying fit choose a healthier option. Obviously everyone's needs will be different, whether you want to loose weight or build muscle. Make sure you understand what you want and cater your diet around this. For example I wanted to loose weight again so I made sure I had a lot of fruit and veg with protein. I personally avoid the "backpackers" eating habits such as rice and pasta because I'm not a fan. Although if you are try wholemeal.

I understand healthy eating is expensive on a backpackers budget but just increasing your food allowance a tiny bit can make a huge impact on your fitness. After all $10 is just 2 beers!

2: Plan ahead
Travelling on trips such as the kiwi experience, you're on a bus every other day from morning till late afternoon. Instead of having a pie at the rest stop why not prepare some snacks or lunch for the bus in the morning or night before. This way you will stay on track and avoid spending extra money too!



I keep notes in my phone with exercises and reps completed, I also use a running app called "Runkeeper" this tracks how far and fast I run! This motivates me to push myself further the next day to improve my results!

If you're unsure about what you eat, keep a food diary for a few weeks and look at what and when you eat. This will highlight any bad eating habits so you can change them!

Now that doesn't sound too difficult does it?

I hope this helps guys, happy healthy travels :)

Sincerely Kimberly 
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