Sunday, 11 May 2014


I do love top coats and glitter nail varnishes, although they are very difficult to remove and this can be annoying! Although I moan I will still buy them because they look amazing! After already trying the other colour combination in this Maybelline one, I thought it was time to add a new addition to my huge collection! 

In order to get a good coverage you do have to apply at least 2 coats but compared to other top coats it drys relatively quickly. As you can see it creates a black and blue splatter effect, I personally love it!

I purchased this from Asda for £3.50 which was on offer from £3.98 but you can also buy this item from retailers such as boots and superdrug, anywhere that sells Maybelline really. If you want a break from glitter but still want an effect I would definitely suggest this Maybelline one! 

Sincerely, Kimberly.

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  1. Hi Kimberly!

    This nail polish is really different isn't it?? I like it! I haven't come across anything like it yet - really nice arty effect! and so cheap too! i find glitter ones with chunky glitter pieces tend to catch on my clothes all the time and then peel off in huge chunks quite easily, so this might be a bit less hassle!

    Shani xo
    Style Honey Co-Founder

    1. Hi Shani,

      Yes I thought it was really unusual when I saw it! They also do another style with purple, blue and white so nice too! Oh I've never had that issue with glitter nail varnish, then again mine haven't got big pieces in it. I would definitely recommend you try this - So amazing!

      Thanks for reading :)

      Kimberly x

  2. Hi Kimberly! Hope you're well :o)

    Sorry for the super late reply, i've had no time to check my gmail recently! i will be getting on top of it now!!

    Oh cool thanks for that i'll have to try it instead of my go-to Barry M ones!

    Shani xo
    Style Honey Co-Founder